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American Society for Composites 35th Technical Conference &

 ASTM-D30 Committee Meeting


Abstracts due        Feb 29, 2020

Full Papers due     May 15, 2020

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Technical Tracks

Conference-Wide Tracks & Competitions

Machine learning methods in composite design and characterization

Next Generation Composites Design

Additive Manufacturing: Polymers, Metals, Ceramic Composites

SOLVAY Sponsored Student Paper Competition

ASC Student Simulation Challenge

Division Sponsored Tracks

Emerging Composites Technologies 

Track Organizers:

Pavana Prabhakar (U. Wisconsin)

Functional and smart composites

Sensors and smart composites

Biomimetic composites

Architected and Folding composites

Shape morphing and Shape memory

Natural, bio-based and biodegradable composites

Nanoscale and nanostructured composites

Durability and Damage Tolerance

Track Organizers:

Evan Pineda (NASA)

Multiscale methods


Damage and Failure Prediction

ICME of composites

Stochastic Modeling and Analysis

Progressive Damage and Failure Analysis of Composites

Environmental Effects

Effects of Defects

Composites in Extreme Environments'

Analysis and Testing 

Track Organizers:

Vipul Ranatunga (AFRL)

Experimental Methods',

BallisticBlast  and impact response

Fatigue of composites


Analysis Benchmarking

Buckling and Post-Buckling

Microstructure-based modeling and simulations

Adhesive Joints

Design and Manufacturing

Track Organizers:

Bazle Haque (Univ. Delaware)

Modeling and simulation for Advanced Manufacturing

Model-based Design for Manufacturing

Textile composites

Sandwich composites

Automated/Robotic fiber placement methods

Automotive composites

Aerospace composites

Marine composites

Wind turbine composites